Fawcett Presents at International Stigma Conference

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Dr. Fawcett participated in the 6th International Conference on Stigma at Howard University in Washington, DC on Friday, November 20, 2015.  He served on the planning committee leading up to this year’s assembly, which expanded beyond HIV-related stigma to include mental health, addictions, and other types of stigmatized identities and behaviors. The conference featured a number of internationally-known speakers such as Megan McLemore of Human Rights Watch and Sean Strub, founder of POZ magazine and The Sero Project.

Fawcett moderated a panel called “Not Alone: Insights for Individuals Dealing with Stigma and Shame” which focused on the experience of internalized stigma and interventions to help people overcome it. Other panelists included Mark S. King (@MyFabulousDisease) and Dave Watt (@MisterFriendly).  The conference concluded with an evening of musical entertainment.


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