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by David M. Fawcett

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About the Book:

Written by a longtime gay psychotherapist who has worked for years with gay men struggling with substance abuse, Lust, Men, and Meth is the first practical guide to offer positive steps towards a new life free of methamphetamine addiction.

Illuminated by dozens of genuine case studies, David M. Fawcett presents a recovery guide from the physical and emotional impact of meth. Helpful for both gay men and healthcare professionals, Lust, Men, and Meth includes valuable information, relapse-prevention skills, and guidance for the therapeutic work necessary to attain a life of sexual and emotional intimacy that is no longer connected to meth use.

About the Author:

David M. Fawcett, PhD, is a gay and HIV-positive psychotherapist and writer with a practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has been at the forefront of the treatment community in South Florida since 2002. His work in gay men’s health, addictions and recovery spans three decades. Fawcett has established numerous programs in Florida and beyond, to help gay men in crisis, ranging from emotional matters to HIV and drug-related issues. Fawcett’s writing about substance abuse, mental health and HIV appears regularly in and other journals, and he is a popular speaker and trainer, presenting workshops in the United States and internationally.

Media Releases:

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In Lust, Men and Meth, David Fawcett proves himself one of the few psychotherapists today who fully understands the critical importance of treating shame, sex addiction and crystal meth addiction together. He is a compassionate advocate for evidence-based treatment that can help our gay brothers caught in this addictive epidemic.

   —Alan Downs, clinical psychologist and author of The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Trauma of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World.

David Fawcett’s important book Lust, Men and Meth provides a much-needed action-plan for the complex phenomenon of meth-sex affecting so many. David is at the front lines and his help comes from real life, in real time, helping so many.

   —Brad Lamm, CIP, Founder Breathe Life Healing Center

As ChemSex/PnP culture becomes increasingly pervasive within our communities, we need compassionate, sobering voices to guide us through the plethora of challenging issues it raises. David Fawcett provides that voice; Lust, Men and Meth is a shining resource during a complicated time for gay men’s wellbeing.

   —David Stuart, Substance Use Lead, ChemSex clinics, London

Clinicians who meet with gay clients wrestling with “tina” know full well how difficult the zig-zag path to recovery inevitably will be. Many clinicians are themselves tempted to throw up their hands in despair at the constantly recurring and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to regaining a full, intimacy-blessed life for their clients. Dr. Fawcett gives both therapists and clients a set of tools for deeper compassionate understanding and clear reasons for hopeful resolve to stay the course. His book is full of practical steps to achieve a healthy brain, a healthy sex life and freedom from shame-based assumptions and life-limiting behaviors. Every therapist working in the LGBT community should have this rich resource close at hand.

   —James Lopresti, PhD, LMHC, Senior Clinical Supervisor, SunServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Powerful, interesting and informative, Dr. Fawcett explores the complex and devastating effects of meth on gay male sexuality and relationships.  Meth breaks down inhibition, leaves the person open to breeching sexual templates and stepping deeper into dark areas of sexual behavior while maintaining full recall in the aftermath.  He discusses how meth melds with sexuality and changes brain structure leaving sexual dysfunction and emotional disturbance in its wake.  I highly recommend this book.

   —George Kallas, Psy.D, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Sex Therapist, The Orion Center for Psychotherapy, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

In an era of unprecedented acceptance and visibility of gay lives, Dr.  Fawcett has focused us on the private pain of gay men caught in an addictive spiral of sexual adventuring and methamphetamine use.   Dr. Fawcett is an experienced clinician and researcher who writes in a sober but compassionate way about the medical and psychological risks meth users to take to escape their own internalized homophobia, social and sexual self-consciousness.  He describes in vivid detail the drug high, the instant social confidence, and heightened sexual experiences users seek.   As with most quick fixes, the relief is short-lived while the medical, mental health and psycho-social consequences compound.  In particular, he demonstrates how the strong link between meth use and sex has served to fuel continuing rates of new HIV infections.  This is particularly chilling as this population is more likely to have multiple partners, ignore safer sex practices, and then be marginally compliant with HIV therapies.   Rehabilitation of meth users is challenging and slow, but Dr. Fawcett makes an urgent case for redoubling efforts at providing comprehensive care for this cohort of men, falling into greater isolation while a life of increasing possibilities pass them by.

   —Matthew Weissman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Washington, DC

In this eye-opening book, Fawcett deconstructs the social, mental health and sexual cultures of gay men and the physical characteristics of methamphetamine addiction.  By looking closer at these characteristics, one gains both an understanding for the seductive nature of addiction and a basis for rational path forward.

   —Benjamin Young, MD,  PhD, Chief Medical Officer, International Association of Providers of AIDS Care

Thank you, Dr. Fawcett for those who are gay men, who know gay men, who love
gay men, who work with gay men…A complex topic many want to avoid, deny,
dance around.. you present with clarity and compassion. BRAVO!!!…

   —Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, Ed.D, Sexologist/Gender Specialist, Miami, Florida

Wow! As I read your book my mind was transported back to a place I had either forgotten, hoped to forget or never remembered in the first place. The book is me. This book has an authenticity that only comes only from year of working with people who have suffered at the hands of crystal meth. I needed to be reminded of the misery, pain and sorrow that I brought upon myself as well as the hope of getting better. Any person who is struggling with a love affair with Tina needs to read this book!  When it is released, I am going to ensure that we use this for literature readings. It is that powerful!

Thank you so much for writing this and having compassion with those of us who often times fail to have compassion with ourselves. This book will save lives.

   —Aaron Michael Laxton, Activist and writer, St. Louis, Missouri


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