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High Anxiety

    For three hours the finger never stopped.  It grabbed a lock of dark hair, expertly spun it around four or five times, rolled it between thumb and finger for a few seconds, released it, and then began the process all over again.  I witnessed this strange behavior from my airplane seat, captive to the nervous […]


    While all eyes were on Denver in recent weeks, nearby Boulder was approaching the tenth anniversary of another historic convention: the first National Gay Men’s Health Summit. In 1999, hundreds of gay men gathered in Colorado for workshops and community-building that focused on gay men’s health and wellness. The Summit was a grassroots effort bringing […]

Speaking of Sex

   Good sex involves more than technical skills. Despite a lot of experience, many people don’t feel very competent with one important component of sex: speaking up about it. Sexual competence must include the ability to be comfortable with sexuality, discussions of sex, and especially, expressing sexual needs. It is one of the great ironies of a sex-drenched […]

Rising Rates of HIV Among Gay Men – What Does That Mean For Me?

HIV infection rates occur in the United States at a far greater rate than previously thought, according to a special HIV issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association released to coincide with the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City. The CDC utilized new methodology and technology which differentiates new versus long-standing infections. […]